4 Reasons to Hire a Professional for Pest Bird Control

Many home and business owners assume that handling pesky birds flocking on their property by themselves is more efficient than calling in an expert. While you could head to the hardware store and buy a few generic deterrents or pesticides, you’ll find the process becomes more costly, ineffective, and time-consuming than it would be to simply hire a professional.

Next time you find yourself dealing with pest birds around your residential or commercial property, don’t waste your time on faulty DIY quick fixes. Call an experienced company to take care of your bird problems and enjoy the benefits a professional team can offer!

1.) Effective Pest Control

Professional pest bird control companies have the training and experience to produce potent and long-lasting solutions. Perhaps even more importantly, they’ll do so without impacting the success of your business or interrupting your day-to-day life. A professional will be able to locate the source of your pest problem and address it head on, so it doesn’t become an issue for you again!

2.) Safe Solutions

As we mentioned before, a bird control company will have the knowledge and resources necessary to handle your pest problem. Don’t risk damage to your building or endangering your health and wellbeing or those of your customers, by inexpertly attempting to install deterrents or use hazardous pesticides on your own! At Birds Away/Pigeons Away, we use only safe, non-toxic materials to control pest birds and operate with the skills necessary to use them.

3.) Timely Service

It can take weeks for you to determine and secure the proper materials to handle pest birds on your property. Even then, there’s no guarantee the ones you spend hours installing will be effective. A professional will have easy and direct access to the tools needed to handle your bird problem. With one phone call, you can take care of pest birds in a prompt and convenient manner.

4.) Thorough Results

Many pest birds leave behind nests, droppings, and other debris that dissuade customers and give the wrong impression about the quality of your business. At Birds Away/Pigeons Away, we sanitize and clean the entire affected area of your building before installing deterrents to remove the unsightly mess birds leave behind.

The experts at Birds Away/Pigeons Away have been serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years! We’re also licensed and insured, to further guarantee you the peace of mind of knowing your property is in good hands. Give us a call or contact us online to get your pest bird problem resolved the right way at the right price!