Humane Bird Deterrents Keep Birds Safe, Buildings Clean

Birds can be a serious nuisance for any property owner. Luckily, there are ways to deter them from getting to comfortable on or near your building. Luckily there are plenty of ways to humanely discourage birds from making your house their home.

Bird spikes are a type of landing deterrent that keeps birds off of roofs, fences, railings and any other place that birds are unwanted. The spikes create an uneven surface so birds can’t easily land, stay or nest. Made of plastic, this device will not harm birds but simply discourage them.

Soffit mesh comes in rolls, made of steel or plastic. It can be cut and placed in front of holes, crevices, vents or any place that a bird could get into. The mesh allows for ventilation while keeping animals out. For example, soffit mesh could be used on the top of a chimney, when its not in use, to keep birds from flying in and down into the house.

You can always keep birds out of your home by closing the windows. However, this isn’t very feasible during a hot summer not to mention birds can accidentally fly into windows causing them serious injury or death. The humane alternative is a window screen. Much like the soffit mesh, the screen allows for ventilation while also keep birds out, without hurting them.

Aside from these bird deterrents, you can also try the following to control the birds that live near your home. If you have a birdbath or feeder, move it farther away from places that birds could nest. Add a wind chime outside of windows with screens or colorful decals to glass windows.

Using bird deterrents can put an end to unwanted nests and bird droppings. It can also save the lives of birds that fly into windows or get stuck in small open spaces. Both people and birds can benefit from the use of humane bird control tactics.