Use Nylon Netting to Keep the Birds at Bay

Birds Away/Pigeons Away helps solve a problem many that homes and businesses have – deterring birds away from buildings so they don’t make a mess and nest or roost on ledges, rooflines, window sills, columns and other manmade structures.

One way we keep birds away from any enclosed or semi-enclosed area, opening or configuration is by installing polyethylene netting. Polyethylene netting works as a physical barrier. The netting prohibits access to open beam structures, loading docks, apartment buildings, courtyards, bridges and other areas.

Netting is a popular choice for bird abatement. One reason for its popularity in cities like San Francisco is that it blends in with the fascia of the building. As a thin and nearly invisible option, netting can be installed while retaining the aesthetic qualities that make each building appealing and unique. Nets don’t detract from the look of a building, making it a durable and unobtrusive choice.  Netting is also highly weather resistant and durable, meaning that an installation can last for extended periods of time, before needing replacement.

Different gauges of netting can be used to deter different bird species, like pigeons, gulls and starlings. Birds Away/Pigeons Away can assess your specific needs and choose the netting or other deterrent that is appropriate for your specific problem. We never subcontract and we stand behind both our products and installation with an up to five-year performance and installation guarantee. Plus, Birds Away/Pigeons Away holds all of the necessary licenses and insurance needed to perform pest bird abatement work at your location.

For more information on netting or other nonlethal deterrents that could work for your location, contact us today.