Commercial Services

Since 1985, Birds Away/Pigeons Away has been solving difficult pest bird problems for businesses large and small.   You can trust the professional team at Birds Away to provide custom bird control for any industry. 

Birds Away/Pigeons Away provides bird control for the following industries:


Government Facilities


High-Rise Commercial Buildings

Hotels & Motels

Office Spaces

Places of Worship

Property Management

Restaurants & Bars

Retail & Shopping

Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

Warehouses & Fulfillment

Birds Away/Pigeons Away provides effective solutions to a range of commercial bird control problems including pigeons in parking garages, swallows nesting in building eaves, pest birds in awnings or any other variety of bird control problems.  Check out some examples of bird control installations below and visit the Gallery for additional photos.

Don’t let pest birds take over your property – contact us today!