Why Birds Are Attracted to Your Property and How You Can Keep Them Away

Why Birds Are Attracted to Your Property and How You Can Keep Them Away

Although birds seem harmless, they can cause a lot of damage to your property. If you begin to notice that you have a bird pest problem in your commercial or residential company, don’t worry yet! Here are some of the reasons why birds are attracted to your property, and a few ways to deter them away.


Birds Feel Safe at Your Property

Birds are always looking for a safe area where they can shelter and build their nests. Often, they look for spots like wide ledges, attics, and balconies for a secure spot to build their nests. If you notice birds nesting within your property, it’s important to address the situation immediately.

Calling a company that specializes in pest bird removal will be the most beneficial for your company. They will offer expert, tailored applications such as the installation of exclusion netting, wire mesh, and gel repellent to remove and keep birds away from nesting in your property.


Your Property is a Food Source for Pests

If you are a restaurant owner or work in an industry that handles food, then you may notice that birds are gathering around your property. Birds are more likely to roost and nest around your property if they have access to enough food and water resources. One way you can help limit the number of birds on your property is to keep your space as neat and trash free as you can.

If you already have birds nesting in your property, a professional can use deterrents that are non-toxic and harmless to humans and animals to help deter the existing birds from your property. When you’re working in any industry, especially one involving food, it’s crucial to keep away pests that can damage your property and carry diseases.


Birds Find Warmth Within Your Property

The heat provided by your facility is an ideal spot for a bird to nest. Birds and other animals will only live in areas where all their basic survival needs are met, so if they can find a safe, warm place to nest with food, then consider them life-long residents at your property!

To remove the birds on your property, contact a professional to safely clean, sanitize, and remove all birds nesting debris and material. Once the nests are removed from your property, the pest bird removal professionals can install deterrent devices to keep birds from nesting in your property.


The professionals at Birds Away/Pigeons Away have the tools and experience to keep birds away from your property! Contact us today to learn more about how we can help solve your pest bird problem.

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