Why You Need to Add Bird Netting into Your Warehouse

Why You Need to Add Bird Netting into Your Warehouse

If you work in a large and open warehouse, then you know that birds and commercial businesses don’t work well together. Once birds begin interfering with your business, then you know that it can be challenging trying to find a humane, yet effective way to remove them from your property. One way that has proved to be useful is bird netting.


Bird netting is a great way to prevent birds from accessing areas around your business, and it will eventually keep birds away from your property altogether. Are you thinking of adding bird netting to your warehouse? Here are a few of the top advantages of using bird netting in your commercial warehouse!


Bird Netting Keeps Birds from Roosting

Birds roost in areas where they feel they can sleep and rest safely. Often, birds seek to roost on pipes or other areas that are easy for them to stand on. When you add bird netting into your warehouse, it prevents birds from roosting by creating a physical barrier, so they cannot access areas to roost. If a bird can’t land somewhere within the warehouse, then they will fly out and find somewhere else to land.


Bird Netting Saves You from Expensive Damage

If a bird enters your warehouse, it can cause costly damage. For starters, their droppings are acidic and will leave noticeable marks on your rafters and products. Plus, they can cause structures to wear away prematurely.


Birds can also pose a health hazard to any company because they create an unsanitary work environment and can carry diseases. Adding bird netting is a non-harmful way to avoid expensive damages while keeping birds away!


Bird Netting is Resourceful and Easy to Use

When installed, bird netting isn’t very visible, and it’s easy to use. The netting is pulled tightly, so it’s nearly invisible once installed. That way, if you have any clients or guests, they won’t be distracted by a large net on your ceiling. If you need access to any of the pipes above the netting, the netting can be easily removed.


As with all our projects, we’ll customize your bird netting (and any other deterrents) specifically for your business!


At Birds Away/Pigeons Away, we’ll perform additional services such as free on-site inspections and we’ll clean and sanitize your area before installing any deterrents. Contact us today to learn more about installing bird netting into your warehouse!

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