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Humane Bird Deterrents Keep Birds Safe, Buildings Clean

Birds can be a serious nuisance for any property owner. Luckily, there are ways to deter them from getting to comfortable on or near your building. Luckily there are plenty of ways to humanely discourage birds from making your house their home. Bird spikes are a type of landing deterrent that keeps birds off of… Read more »

Watch Out For These Common Californian Birds

Homes and buildings everywhere deal with pests which can infest and destroy property. In California, birds are a particular problem. Since the climate tends to be milder and warmer, birds are present year-round causing havoc to homes and local businesses. There are a variety of ways that birds cause problems. They often find a safe,… Read more »

Plethora of Pigeons = Poor Property

Pigeons are everywhere. As one of the most common birds in America, property owners are forced to deal with them impeding on their property. While they may seem like just small pests, they can have major negative impacts on your property if they aren’t properly and quickly removed. First of all, having too many pigeons… Read more »