Residential Services

For effective bird control, it’s important to start with a thorough inspection. The experienced Sales Managers at Birds Away can identify the type of pest bird causing problems, assess the degree of infestation and evaluate the architectural style of your home.  Based on these factors, they can provide a customized proposal for an effective, low-visibility solution to your pest problem.


To ensure successful installation of pest bird deterrents, the affected areas must first be cleaned to removed nesting debris and bird droppings.  This step sanitizes the target areas and prepares the surface for the installation of bird deterrents.

Following cleaning, custom-fit, low-visibility bird deterrents are installed to preclude birds from the target areas. 

Lightwells & Stairwells

Birds Away can help prevent pigeons and other birds from entering shared open spaces, such as lightwells, between neighboring buildings in San Francisco. Birds Away can accomplish this by installing exclusion netting across the top of the space.  Our bird exclusion netting is highly effective and capable of excluding all pest bird species from roosting or nesting in the area, even if prior nesting behavior has been observed. Exclusion netting also works well in exterior stairwells or any large open spaces.

Multi-Deterrent Installations

In some residences, multiple types of pest birds may be nesting and roosting.  Birds Away can install multiple types of deterrents and/or exclusion devices to preclude birds from the areas.

Solar Panel Protection

Pigeons are attracted to solar panels because they provide warmth and shelter. The best way to protect your home and roof from pigeons and their droppings is to have the appropriate deterrent or exclusion devise installed.  An inspection will let your Birds Away Sales Manager know which material will work best based on your roof type and solar panels. 

Eaves & Overhangs

Swallows like to build nests in the protected eaves and overhangs of homes. Once they find a safe location, they will return to the same place year after year.  All swallows are included under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 and as such are protected by state and federal regulations.  Because if this, it is important to have deterrents installed as soon as you see swallow activity around your home. 

If you see birds and their droppings around your residence, contact us for help!