Deter Unwanted Birds From Your Commercial Property

Birds are an essential component to the Eco-system and are generally good-natured creatures.

Birds can get curious and become a pest for commercial property owners. Birds carry diseases, have no realm of what it means to be “sanitary”, and are attracted to food and garbage. You are subject to bird nests and non-stop noises. Wild birds are not tamed and do not respond to commands of “get” and “go away”.

Birds can cost commercial property owners abundance in damage cost each year. A bird’s droppings, “contain uric acid, which, at a pH of 3 to 4.5, can eat through most building materials.”

When you have an active commercial office, store, or warehouse, the last obstacle you need or want to deal with is annoying birds that can contaminate your property and bother workers, customers, and clients.

You have to be ethical when it comes to the prohibition of wild birds and the process can be done by a professional bird deterrent company. You have to take in consideration the temperament of the birds, if they are dangerous or if they are just curious.

A professional bird deterrent company can examine their behavior. Then create the best plan for removing their nests from the premises, and installing a low profile, humane deterrent devices to keep them away for good.

If you are having problems with birds lurking around your building, contact our team today. At Birds Away, we will come out to inspect the problem and work with you to safely discourage the unwanted birds from your premises.