Spring Into Action to Prevent Pest Birds

Pest animals aren’t limited to rats, raccoons or squirrels. In urban areas, the most common nuisances are pest birds, like wild pigeons, house sparrows, swallows and starlings, which can all wreak havoc on your landscape by building nests in undesirable places and leaving droppings that can cause health risks.

Most often, the main concern with the common pest bird species is caused by their nesting materials. If a wild pigeon chooses to nest on your roof, for example, its nesting material can build up in gutters, drains and downspouts, which can cause serious damage to your roof and drainage systems if left untreated. The accumulation of nest materials also provides a new home not only for these nuisance birds, but also the parasites and diseases that they can carry. If the nest isn’t cleared or even continues to grow, this could allow these parasites to get into your home or business, potentially causing serious health risks to you and your family, employees or customers.

In addition to the unwanted nests and related nuisances, pest birds also leave your yard or building vulnerable to the accumulation of droppings, which, come spring, can cause very messy problems – especially when it starts to get rainy. Spring is the perfect time to add deterrent devices and structures to your property, helping turn away birds that have stayed through the winter months and keeping away migratory birds that return when the warmer season arrives.

The best way to protect against the presence of pest birds is to add galvanized wire mesh, netting or prongs to your roof and other sensitive areas that you want to keep pest birds away from. By using these materials to create an exclusion zone, nuisance birds will not be able to land, meaning that they will be forced away from your home or commercial building. For the most severe bird problems, you could also use a non-harmful electric track which delivers a low-voltage charge to deter birds away from the area without netting or mesh.

At Birds Away, we believe that bird deterrent systems should not affect the curb appeal of your home. We like to use low-visibility and aesthetically appropriate materials to prevent pests from nesting on your property. We’ve been serving the Greater San Francisco Bay Area since 1985, and we’re here to help with any pest bird problem that you may have. We offer free site inspections to help determine the best course of action for your property, and our trained staff is available to install customized, humane deterrent devices, as well as removal of nesting material and sanitation and cleaning of affected areas. For more information on solutions to keep common pest bird species at bay or to request your on-site inspection, call us today at 925-798-9041.