Bird Control For Solar Panels

Solar panels create an ideal nesting and roosting location for pigeons, pest birds and other small animals. The best way to protect your solar panels from damage, is by having our team of professional technicians install deterrents to keep birds and animals out. This will keep your solar panels in proper working order by protecting the delicate electrical system, found under the solar panels, from being harmed.

In most cases, custom-cut pieces of PVC coated wire mesh are used to protect solar panels. This deterrent is carefully installed, without drilling, using solar clips secured onto the solar panels. This system creates a physical barrier to keep birds from accessing the area beneath the solar panels, without causing damage to the solar panels or roof. Additionally, in some cases, 2” netting can also be used to keep pest birds away from the solar panels.

Pigeon and bird droppings can be a major health hazard and cause damage to your roof and gutter, so in addition to installing deterrents, our team of technicians will clean and sanitize the areas below and around the solar panels, including the roof and gutter areas that have been contaminated with pigeon droppings.


Wire Mesh

2″ Netting