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How Birds Can Drive Business Away from Your Restaurant

When trying to predict the profit and market trends for your restaurant, don’t forget to include birds in the forecast. You may not initially categorize pest birds as a potential issue worth considering, but when you think about it for a minute, it makes sense.

Think you’ve got your bases covered protecting your property and health license against rodents and cockroaches? Don’t be so sure. Take a look at how birds can negatively impact your restaurant’s business and be proactive in eliminating the threat they pose before you see it in the numbers.

How Birds Can Drive Business Away from Your Restaurant

Birds Are Unsanitary

Probably the most obvious problem with pest birds at a restaurant is that they’re hazards to the health and wellness of your customers and employees. Where there are birds, there are bird droppings, nests, and other debris that can contaminate a patron’s food and drink. Birds—and their droppings especially—carry bacteria, viruses, and fungi that can cause moderate to serious illnesses.

These transmitted diseases include—perhaps of primary concern to proprietors in the restaurant industry— various forms of food poisoning, like Salmonella and E. coli, as well as respiratory and intestinal infections and disease. Sick customers and unsanitary conditions can lead to health code violations that result in fines, legal action, and in some cases even business closure.

It’s also possible for someone to slip and fall on a pile of fresh bird droppings and wind up seriously injured. We don’t think you need us to explain how putting the health and safety of your customers at risk is going to affect the success of your business.

They Damage Property

You might not be aware that bird droppings contain highly corrosive acid that can erode building exteriors and various machinery. Birds that hang around or nest on your property will slowly erode the appearance and quality of your restaurant exterior with their droppings, perching, and even incessant pecking that wears down building materials. They’re also very likely to cause damage to awnings with perching, excrement, and aggressive behavior if they nest on the awning and become protective of the area.

Aside from the birds themselves, their droppings, feathers, and nest debris can accumulate and clog drains and gutters—especially after a decent rain. In some cases, they have also been known to pick up discarded smoking cigarettes, carry them to their (very flammable) nests and cause roof and building fires.

Pest birds are a significant source of damage to roofs, awnings, outdoor furniture, ventilation systems, electrical wiring, building exteriors, and even cars. Nobody wants to leave a restaurant to find their car covered in bird droppings that ruin the paint job—we guarantee that what they remember about your restaurant will not be the great meal.

They Will Jeopardize Your Reputation

When you’re walking around looking for a nice place to eat lunch, are you going to stop at the restaurant with birds lurking around and droppings covering the awning and ground outside? Probably not. Pest birds are an aesthetic nightmare that will more than likely have a significant impact on the experience of your guests—and as a restaurant owner we’re sure one of the most important things you’ve noticed is that customers talk. If word gets around that your place is unsightly and unenjoyable due to a group of resident birds, you can kiss your five-star Yelp rating goodbye.

Birds are a nuisance to guests, constantly bothering them for food and annoying them with loud noises and invasive swooping. They leave revolting and grotesque droppings on rooftops, awnings, outdoor furniture, signs, vehicles and walkways. Seeing birds on your property and the constant mess they leave signals to your patrons that you don’t care about the quality of your restaurant or prioritize maintenance at your business, which discourages potential new and repeat customers.

Birds also interrupt the ambiance and atmosphere of a business, resulting in an unpleasant guest experience and a significant decrease in traffic.

Don’t let birds ruin your hard work and waste the money you’ve put in to making your restaurant an attractive and delicious destination for hungry townspeople. Contact us today to ensure that the only thing going through the roof at your business is the revenue!

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